We are excited to share this with all our new clients, brand new wedding & portrait print packaging from Ian Andrew Photography.  

By: Ian Andrew Photography

wedding print packaging.jpg
wedding print packaging ideas.jpg
wedding packaging.jpg

Charcoal Paper Bag & 5 x 7 Print Box:  Design A Glow Paper Shop
Premium Walnut Wooden Box:  Photo Flash Drive
Wooden Flash Drive: Photo Flash Drive
5 x 7 Kraft Paper Print Release:  Morning Print 
Stamped Logo: Rubber Stamp Champ

2014 Portrait Print Packaging
By: Ian Andrew photography

portrait print packaging.jpg
portrait print packaging ideas.jpg
portrait packaging.jpg

Kraft Paper Bag: Rice Studio Supply
Brown 5 x 7 Portrait Case: Rice Studio Supply
Kava Flash Drive Box: Rice Studio Supply
Wooden Flash Drive: Photo Flash Drive
Stamped Logo: Rubber Stamp Champ
5 x 7 Kraft Paper Print Release: Morning Print