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What's the Difference Between
Edited vs Retouching Photos

Deciding whether or not to retouch your images can be a tricky decision. In most cases, your photos won't require any touch-ups. However, if you're putting together an album and there's a specific picture that you want to give extra attention to, either because it has distracting elements or because it's a personal favorite that you want to enhance, then retouching is definitely worth considering.

edited_retouched sample.jpg

What is an edited photo?

After your wedding, we carefully review all of the images and select the very best ones to include in your online gallery. We then carefully edit each image to ensure that it is print-ready, making any necessary corrections and enhancements.


Our editing process includes color correction to ensure accurate white balance, cropping and orientation adjustments to ensure a balanced composition, and exposure correction to ensure that the photo is perfectly exposed. With our attention to detail and dedication to quality, you can trust that your wedding photos will look their absolute best.

What is a retouched photo?

For those special photos from your wedding that you want to display proudly in your home or include in your album, we offer retouching services to ensure that they look their absolute best. In addition to the initial photo edit (which includes correcting for exposure, white balance, and crop).


our retouching process includes carefully removing blemishes, distracting objects, and stray hairs. We may also slightly smooth and tighten the skin if needed, and artistically enhance and stylize the photo to achieve the desired look. With our retouching services, you can be confident that your favorite photos will be stunning and ready to be shared with loved ones.

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